MelBlu's Studio Services and Benefits: The WHAT + WHY

MelBlu's Studio Services and Benefits: The WHAT + WHY

Good health and rejuvenation - who doesn't desire it?! 

Step into a haven of tranquility at MelBlu's Infusion and Wellness Studio located in Mooresville, NC. Here, a team of experts is dedicated to providing a range of services designed to nourish both body and mind. Whether you're seeking a boost of energy, a moment of relaxation, or a holistic approach to wellness, MelBlu's Studio offers an array of therapies, treatments, and personalized care that will leave you feeling revitalized and restored. Join us in this transformational journey as we explore the unique services and benefits that this infusion and wellness studio has to offer!

IV Infusions: hydrate your health intravenously and absorb 100% of vitamins, minerals & amino acids. This method bypasses the digestive system. Infusion options include Lactated Ringers (pure hydration and electrolyte infusion), Immunity Boost, Beauty Drip, Energy/Wellness, Hangovers/Migraines/Food Poisoning, Immunity Boost with Glutathione/Detoxer, Athlete Recovery/Detoxer/Jet Lag, and Myers Cocktail/Super Boost/Detoxer/Virus Fighter. An expert at MelBlu's will be happy to assist in selecting the best IV infusion for you!

**Mobile, corporate & business IV infusions available!**

Morpheus 8: FDA cleared micro needling and radio frequency for new skin collagen production, dissolve fat, tighten skin, diminish stretch marks, cellulite, fine lines, scars and more!

Botox: Cosmetic botulinum toxin anti-aging injections to help diminish and prevent wrinkles. Yes, they throw the best botox parties - and they come to you!

Weight Loss Programs: Injectable Semaglutide, meal plans, accountability checks and more.

IM Injections: intramuscular injections for mental clarity, energy, immunity and more. B-12, Vit D, Taurine, L-Carnitine & more.

Lipo Dissolving: micro injections to subcutaneous fat with PC/DC +L Carnitine to help diminish fat cells.

Fillers: hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation & diminish deep face lines.

Chemical Peels - and more!

See for yourself -- Schedule a consultation with MelBlu's today!

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